Checksum Error on the Modbus WattNode

Invalid Response or CRC / Checksum Error on the Modbus WattNode My Modbus master reports a CRC/checksum error or invalid response even though the WattNode® meter’s Comm LED flashes green. Is your Modbus master using an RS-232 port to interface with the meter? If so, this can appear to work in one direction (the master’s […]

Zero Individual Phase Energies

Zero Individual Phase Energies Can I individually zero the per-phase energy registers EnergyA, EnergyB, and EnergyC on the WattNode Modbus? Unfortunately, we only support zeroing all energy registers simultaneously using the ZeroEnergy register. An alternative is to compute difference data for each per-phase register. In other words, to track EnergyA for some period of time, […]

WNC Modbus Customer Questions

WNC Modbus Customer Questions This page lists customer questions about the WattNode® Modbus® meter and how they were answered or resolved. The most common customer problems with the Modbus WattNode result from configuration problems with the Modbus master. Registers are sometimes documented with leading “3”s or “4”s to indicate holding or input registers. This results […]


File:Manual WNC Modbus.pdf Manual_WNC_Modbus.pdf? (file size: 1.02 MB, MIME type: application/pdf) WattNode Modbus Manual. Firmware Version 12. See Also File:WNC-Modbus-Manual-V18.pdf File:WNC-MODBUS-Manual-V16.pdf File links The following file redirects to this file: File:WNC-MODBUS-Manual-V12.pdf