WattNode® Revenue for LonWorks®

Revenue Grade AC Power Measurement
for LonWorks Networks:
Real Power (kW) & Energy (kWh)
Net Metering
Reactive Power (VAR)
Power Factor
Individual Phase Measurements

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WattNode Revenue for LonWorks

The WattNode Revenue with LonWorks interface is a revenue grade, kilowatt-hour (kWh) energy and power meter that communicates on an ANSI/CEA-709.1-B-2002 network, measures 1, 2, or 3 phases with voltages from 120 to 600 Vac. When used with Accu-CT Class 0.6 current transformers it meets the accuracy requirements of ANSI C12.1. All WattNode Revenue meters are supplied with a certificate of calibration. For built-in logging, order WattNode Revenue Logger for LonWorks.


  • Net Real Energy: kilowatt-hours – kWh (Phase A, B, C, sum of all phases)
  • Positive Real Energy: kilowatt-hours (sum of all phases)
  • Bidirectional Real Power: Watts (Phase A, B, C, and sum of all phases)
  • Reactive Power: VARs (Phase A, B, C, and sum of all phases)
  • Power Factor: PF (Phase A, B, C, all phases)
  • Reactive Energy: kVAR-hours (All Phases)
  • AC Frequency
  • RMS Voltage: (Phase A, B, C)
  • Computed RMS Current: (Phase A, B, C)
  • Demand
  • Peak Demand


  • Meets the accuracy requirements of the ANSI C12.1 standard
  • CT rated amps value locked and cannot be changed to prevent tampering
  • Supports LonWorks TP/FT-10 free topology twisted-pair network using Echelon’s® LonTalk® (ANSI/CEA-709.1-B-2002) network protocol.
  • LonMark 3.4 Certified
  • Measurement logging with Option L.
  • Small form factor for easy installation inside most electrical panels, see a sample installation diagram.
  • Pluggable screw terminals for easy wiring
  • 0.5% nominal accuracy (see manual for details)
  • True RMS power even with leading or lagging power factor and chopped or distorted waveforms
  • Monitors variable speed drives, pumps, and motors
  • Safe CT’s (Revenue Grade CTs), output 0.333 Vac at rated current.
  • Assembled in USA, qualified under the Buy American provision in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA).
  • Five year warranty

Safety Note

Warning: Hazardous Voltages – Only qualified personnel or licensed electricians should install the WattNode meter and current transformers.

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