RS-485 Interfaces

RS-485 Interfaces This page lists RS-485 devices that connect to a PC, either by converting to RS-232, or via USB and other interface. RS-485 devices are use for both BACnet and Modbus networks. See for hardware details and installation methods for RS-485 devices. Contents 1 RS-485 to Ethernet Interfaces 1.1 Moxa MGate MB3170 1.2 [...]

Using WattNode BACnet Meters with PC Software

Using WattNode BACnet Meters with PC Software WattNode BACnet power and energy meters are typically connected over an RS-485 serial network to a Building Automation System (BAS), also called a Building Management System (BMS). The BAS talks over the network to the WattNode submeters and reads out their power, energy and other measurement data. Most […]


MV-90 MV-90 is Itron’s meter data collection and processing application. It is used by over 600 utilities in North America. MV-90 xi – This is a new release of the software from May 2004 that runs on Windows (the original software was MS-DOS based). MV-90 used Translation Interface Modules (TIM) to translate data from different […]

RS-485 Fiber Optic Links

RS-485 Fiber Optic Links Overview For some applications, converting RS-485 (BACnet and Modbus) to a fiber optic link is desirable. Increased range of 2.5 miles (4 km) or more. Total electrical isolation, which can be desirable when operating in 480 Vac or 600 Vac panels. Complete immunity to electromagnetic interference. Solutions Continental Control Systems doesn’t […]

TAC Vista Workstation Compatibility

TAC Vista Workstation Compatibility TAC Vista is a product of Schneider Electric. It supports LonWorks® devices. Website: XIF Version Incompatibility We have encountered a compatibility problem with TAC Vista Workstation version 4.5 running LNS 3.00. This version of LNS cannot handle LonWorks / LonMark® external interface file (XIF) version 4.40 or later, which is […]

Modbus Software

This article lists some of the available Windows® Modbus® software used by programmers for configuring and monitoring Modbus devices, including the WattNode® Modbus. Continental Control Systems does not endorse any of these companies and we do not sell any software products. Please contact the manufacturers directly for information on their various versions and pricing. Modbus […]