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Meta Description Guidelines Limit the description to 150-160 characters because that is all most search engines will display. Longer descriptions may not hurt provided the first 150 characters reads well. Each page should have a unique description. Do not repeat the title. It is okay to repeat or incorporate bits of the title, but the […]

Metering System Accuracy

It is common in the submetering market to use simple terms to express the accuracy of electric energy meter (such as 0.2%), but the reality is very complicated. This article summarizes the common meter and current transformer (CT) accuracy standards, as well as overall system accuracy. It explains how the system accuracy (meter with CTs) […]

Electrical Service Types and Voltages

Electrical Service Types and Voltages This page describes various types of utility electrical services and supply voltages. The nominal system supply voltages listed below can vary by ±10% or more. WattNode® meter models are available in seven different versions that cover the full range of electrical services types and voltages. Meters and current transformers are [...]

LCDA-P Power Display Instructions (AN-116)

LCDA-P Power Display (AN-116) The power display has eight digits with an adjustable scale factor and decimal point position, to allow for the accurate display of power levels from tenths of a watt to megawatts. Units of measure for power can be watts, kilowatts, or megawatts. The power display is self-powered for use with the […]

WNA WattNode Pulse Scale Factors

WNA Pulse WattNode Scale Factors NOTE: This article only applies to legacy WNA series pulse meters with part numbers of the form WNA-xx-xxx-P. It does NOT apply to the currently available WattNode® meters! This is a table of watt-hours per pulse and pulses per kilowatt-hour. Download: WNA Pulse Scale Factors

Niagara AX JACE with WattNode Modbus

Niagara AX JACE with WattNode Modbus (AN-125) This document describes the steps necessary to connect a WattNode® Modbus to a Tridium® JACE-200™ running NiagaraAX®. It demonstrates how to use the custom WattNode Modbus module (JAR file) to simplify setup, and how to read values from the WattNode meter. Download: NiagaraAX JACE with the WattNode Modbus […]

Using Multiple CTs Per Phase

Using Multiple CTs Per Phase This application note explains how to wire multiple CTs on a phase into the WattNode. This technique is useful when all conductors for a phase cannot be put into one CT. Download: Multiple CT’s Per Phase See Also Paralleling Current Transformers

Photovoltaic and Wind Power Applications

Photovoltaic and Wind Power Applications How to use the WattNode Modbus registers for a PV or wind power application. For many power and energy monitoring applications, two Modbus commands are sufficient to acquire basic readings from the WattNode®. The first command reads registers 1201-1221 which include: PowerA to PowerC: the instantaneous power readings. VoltA to […]

WattNode 3D and 3Y model differences (AN-128)

WattNode 3D and 3Y model differences (AN-128) This document describes the significance of the “3D” and “3Y” characters in WattNode meter part numbers. The “D” refers to a delta type electric service and the “Y” refers to a wye type of electric service. Either style of meter can measure 1, 2, or 3 phases depending […]

Using NiagaraAX JACE with WattNode for LonWorks (AN-127 )

Using NiagaraAX JACE with WattNode for LonWorks (AN-127) This document describes the steps to connect a Continental Control Systems WattNode® for LonWorks® (Plus or Logger) meter to a Tridium® JACE® 200 running NiagaraAX Framework®. Download:AN-127 Niagara AX JACE WattNode LonWorks.pdf (src) See Also Download Niagara AX JACE LonWorks JAR file Keywords: AN-127, JACE, Vykon, Niagara, […]