i.Lon SmartServer Configuration

i.Lon SmartServer Configuration The Echelon i.LON® SmartServer is a powerful embedded server that can communicate with LonWorks ®, BACnet ®, and Modbus ® devices. It can log data, bind variables, maintain the time of day. It provides a web interface as well as Ethernet and LonTalk ®. It has options for IP-852, internal programmability, and […]

Processing i.LON SmartServer Log Data

Processing i.LON SmartServer Log Data Overview The i.LON® SmartServer from Echelon® provides a useful data logging feature. The resulting log can be stored in XML or CSV (comma separated varible) formats. This article describes post-processing the CSV format within Microsoft Excel®. Date/Time Format The SmartServer stores the date and time in a format like: 2010-06-28T18:15:00.060-07:00 […]