At Continental Control Systems, we specialize in high-quality electric power metering equipment to deliver an enhanced method of measuring energy and power production and consumption. We strive to supply our customers with reliable and accurate technologies for a reasonable cost while offering the highest level of performance. Among our revolutionary and proven technologies includes our WattNode meters. With this line of electric power meters, you get a complete package for precise energy and power measurements.

Enhance Your Electric Power Metering

This watt/watt-hour transducer meter is specially designed to be used in demand side management, sub-metering, and energy monitoring applications. Now, you can make measurements within your existing electric service panels to eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming installation of subpanels and the associated wiring.

You gain a new level of performance when choosing the WattNode brand as they are designed for building automation and energy management systems that are used worldwide for a compact, cost-effective, and networkable solution for electric power metering.

WattNode meters enable seamless accessibility to electrical systems measurements including power, energy, voltage, current, and power factor. They communicate via EIA RS-485 two-wiring bus within the Modbus protocol. The standard line of the WattNode energy meters provides single-phase, three-phase wye, and three phase delta configurations for voltages ranging from 120 VAC to 600 VAC at 50 and 60 Hz.

Experience the Difference with WattNode Meters

Since 1995, Continental Control Systems has been a recognized leader in developing and manufacturing electric power metering and monitoring equipment for the energy service industry. With WattNode meters, you now have affordable, easy-to-install, and high-quality products that offer reliable performance and a high ROI.

If you are ready to transform your power and energy metering, learn more about our line of WattNode meters today. Contact us today to discuss our power and energy meters.