CCS Introduces New CTRC Rogowski Coil Current Transformers

Sept. 23, 2013

With its flexible design, the Rogowski coil is perfect for large bus bars and irregular-shaped conductor bundles. Its small profile allows it to be used on conductors in tight spaces where rigid CTs simply won’t fit.

The UL-recognized CTRCs provide accuracies of ±1.0 % from 5 % to 120 % of rated current, and are available in standard loads up to 6000 Amps. The Rogowski coil is offered in four standard diameters from 3.1′ round (loads to 1000 Amps) to 12′ round (loads to 6000 Amps).

The CTRC coil along with the signal conditioner is compatible with any of the WattNode energy meters providing accurate energy (kW) and power (kWh) production and consumption measurements.

  • Download: Press Release Sept. 23, 2013