Newsletter – Summer 2012

New Release! 
WattNode® for BACnet®
 The BACnet version of the WattNode Energy and Power Meter is now available.
For building automation systems requiring the BACnet communications protocol,the new BACnet WattNode meter complements the company’s Modbus® and LonWorks® meters, allowing almost any building automation system to seamlessly access electrical measurements including power, energy, voltage, current, and power factor.
  • BACnet MS/TP, 64 addresses
  • 50+ electrical system measurements
  • Up to 76kbaud
  • 1,2,3, phase bi-directional metering
  • 120 to 600Vac models
  • Use with CTs to 6000A
  • Assembled in the USA
  • 5 year warranty
New Release! Accu-CT™
Revenue-Grade Current Transformer

Accue CT 250

Finally!! A split-core, revenue grade current transformer from Continental Control Systems

Designed to be used with any energy meter requiring a low voltage input, the Accu-CT offers an unprecedented 0.5 % linearity over a wide range of the rated current (1% to 120% of rated current). The Accu-CT complies with the linearity and accuracy requirements of IEEE/ANSI C57.13 for tenant submetering and billing.

  • Unique hinged design
  • Single handed operation
  • Low Voltage, Output: 333mV
  • 5A – 250A models
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5% –  1%-120% of range
  • UL Recognized
  • Assembled in the USA
  • Patents pending
  • MSRP: $42
Upcoming Events
August 19 – 21
GovEnergy – St Louis, MO ** CANCELLED **
October 31 – November 1 

WEEC – Atlanta, GA

 On-line registration is available
November 13 – 15
GreenBuild, SanFran, CA
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Hello and Greetings!
Cyn Photo
Cynthia A. Boyd, Director of S
First and foremost, I wish to express a sincere thanks to all whom have expressed thoughts and concerns to us at Continental Control Systems concerning the unprecedented outbreak of fires here in Colorado this summer, and with heavy hearts,  all of us at Continental  Control Systems offer our thoughts and prayers to those involved in our most recent tragedy in Aurora Colorado.  Unbelievable.
While we continue to modify and update our on a regular basis, as you can see – we have also adopted a similar look for our revised newsletter.
We will continue to provide you valuable product information, updates on product releases, as well as news on events and upcoming exhibits. We also intend to address FAQs and continue to introduce readers to our company staff who are available for technical support by phone and email.
We intend to make it very easy to subscribe to the our quarterly newsletter, but also intend that if for any reason you do not wish to receive it, that it is also very easy to unsubscribe.
Free Expo tickets to the WEEC, World Energy Engineering Congress Conference – Atlanta, Georgia Oct 31 – Nov 1 are available:
Passes for Greenbuild (Nov 13 – 15) are also available on-line. Early registration tickets for the expo are $75.
In closing, I thank you for being a valued customer, I personally would appreciate any feedback that you may have as I hope to make this newsletter a valuable and meaningful way for us at Continental Control Systems to keep in touch.
Watts New ?

The WattNode® Modbus meter is available with several factory options – additional charges may apply. Below are a few popular examples of options available.

Modbus Wattnode
  • Option CT=XXX  – Spedifies the pre-set of the CT values during manufacture
  • Option X5 – Provides a 5 Vdc at up to 60 mA
  • Option IO – Provides for a digital input (pulse counting) or output (load shedding) on the X terminal
  • Option SSR – Provides an solid-state relay (contact closure)
  • Option 232- Provides RS-232 I/O in place of RS-485
FAQs??? Ask John Browne:
Do I need to quote and install shorting blocks for the CTs used with a WattNode meter ? 
“No, the CTs we supply have an internal burden resistor and generate a safe, low voltage output whether connected to the meter or not.  This can save significantly in both installation time and equipment cost. Four and six-pole CT shorting blocks with and without covers can cost between $35 and $50 a piece. $$$ ! “
John Browne, Applications 720-287-8431
John Browne is one of our resident WattNode meter and energy monitoring specialist. He is available by phone or email and is our first line of technical support.  He uses his expertise to help you in product selection, product specification, installation support and trouble shooting.       
If there is anything that our team can do whether it be order follow up, technical / installation support or explanation of our billing, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Faye Jaramillo – 720-287-8426 (Inside Sales)
John Browne – 720-287-8431 (Applications)
Pat Sawyer – 720-287-8422 (Accounting)
Cynthia Boyd – 720-287-8433 (Sales)