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Revenue Grade AC Power Measurement
for Modbus Networks,
True Power, kWh
Reactive Power,
VARs, Power Factor,
Individual Phase Measurements

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Model Vac Line
to Neutral
Vac Line
to Line
Service Types
WNC-3Y-208-MB 120 208-240 Single-Phase 120V with neutral
Single-Phase 3-Wire 120/240V
3-Phase 4-Wire Wye 120/208V
Yes $309
WNC-3Y-400-MB 230 400 Single-Phase 230V with neutral
3-Phase 4-Wire Wye 230/400V
Yes $339
WNC-3Y-480-MB 277 480 Single-Phase 277V with neutral
3-Phase 4-Wire Wye 277/480V
Yes $339
WNC-3Y-600-MB 347 600 Single-Phase 347V with neutral
3-Phase 4-Wire Wye 347/600V
Yes $369
WNC-3D-240-MB See below 208-240 Single-Phase 208V (No neutral)
Single-Phase 240V (No neutral)
Single-Phase 3-Wire 120/240V
3-Phase 3-Wire Delta 208V–240V (No neutral)
3-Phase 4-Wire Wye 120/208V
WNC-3D-400-MB See below 400 3-Phase 3-Wire Delta 400V (No neutral)
3-Phase 4-Wire Wye 230/400V
WNC-3D-480-MB See below 400-480 3-Phase 3-Wire Delta 480V (No neutral)
3-Phase 4-Wire Wye 277/480V
  • Voltage Ranges listed in table are -20% to +15% of nominal. For 3D-240 models, this is -20% of 208 Vac (166 Vac) to +15% of 240 Vac (276 Vac). Operating Frequencies: 50/60 Hz
  • Delta models, WNC-3D-240-MB, WNC-3D-400-MB, and WNC-3D-480-MB, work either with or without a neutral connection, but require a line-to-line voltage connection for operating power.
  • Add 10% to the indicated price for any option or valid combination of options. For a list of available options see the Modbus Options page.




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