As a leader in economical and high accuracy measurement of electric energy consumption and production, Continental Control Systems is committed to delivering the most advanced power and energy equipment. As part of our effort to fulfill our mission, we are pleased to announce the new WattNode Meter Module for OEM applications.

WattNode Module for OEM Applications

The state-of-the-art WattNode Meter Module on a broad concept is for high volume OEM applications. The unique design allows for easy customizations for nearly any application or equipment type. The meter provides bi-directional energy and power readings using RS-485 port with BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU communications.

The revenue-grade accuracy is obtainable via the CCS Accu-CT family of current transformers or the meter module utilizes any externally mounted or PCB mounted 0.333 VAC current transformer. We have released the modules in both single and multiple phases. The meter is powered externally from the OEM’s power supply, 3.3 to 24 volts AC/DC

The new WattNode Module is ideal for energy and power measurements that are utilized with:

  • Photovoltaic inverters
  • HVAC and refrigeration equipment
  • Communication gateways
  • Building automation systems
  • Date center control modules
  • Communication towers
  • Charging stations
  • Marine and RV monitors

Dimensions and Specifications for WattNode Module

The screw terminal blocks facilitate bench testing while production options include wire pigtails, terminal blocks, or PCB connector. With the CT option, the PCB is mounted solid-core and split-core with wire leads. With the unique design of the optional corner mounting holes, there are various arrangements that are possible, including enclosures.

Current Design Specifications:

  • 75” x 2.5” without an enclosure
  • Terminal block phoenix-style connectors for current transformers
  • Line voltage connection
  • Communication and power supply or other
  • Post holes for mounting
  • Universal design for both 1Ø and 3Ø applications

Service Voltage: 600 Vac 50/60 Hz, Wye configuration

Interface: MODBUS RTU, BACnet MS/TP, RS-485; isolated communication

Accuracy: C12.20, Class 0.5 compliant or certified, UL (pending), CE (pending)

External Power Supply: 3.3-24 Volts (AC or DC)

Conformal Coating: Available

Current Measurement: 5 to 6000 Amps – solid core current transformers – board mounted, phoenix-style screw connectors or other

Environmental Conditions: -40°C – 70°C (85°C option available)

Enclosure: Available


Choose the WattNode Module Today!

This new meter module is designed for mass production and OEM metering design-in. If you are ready to benefit from the most advanced technology for your power and energy production and consumption, contact Continental Control Systems today to learn more about the new customizable modular.