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Pulse Totalizer Display


Simple counter for WattNode Pulse meters
Ideal for low-cost tenant metering!
Accumulates kWh pulses up to 99,999,999 kWh
Battery rated for 15+ years
Note: The Pulse Totalizer only works with with a custom configured WattNode Pulse meter. To order a meter with a custom configuration please contact Sales (303) 444-7422.
CT Info: kWh Display for WattNode Pulse


The LCDB-E energy display is a simple counter—no configuration required—designed to work with a custom configured WNB Series Pulse meter. The display register accumulates kilowatt-hour (kWh) pulses from the WattNode Pulse meters. Each kWh pulse that the meter outputs increases the display register value by one kWh.

The WattNode Pulse meter is configured at the factory to output pulses that represent one kWh of energy per pulse. The meter configuration is based on the current transformer (CT) rated current, which must be specified when the meter is ordered and is print on the front label of the meter.

CTs used with a custom configured meter must match the CT= value printed on the label. If a different CT rated current is needed, the meter must be returned to the factory for an upgrade. Always contact CCS Sales to request a Return Material Authorization number (RMA) before returning equipment.

Total energy consumption over some time period is calculated by subtracting the previous display reading from the present reading. Not resetting the display improves reliability and helps prevents tampering. The display can be mounted in a rectangular cutout on the front of a service panel, junction box, or other panel up to 0.125 in. (3.1 mm) thick. The LCDB-E energy display can be located up to 100 feet from the WattNode Pulse meter.

All WattNode Pulse meter models can be configured for use with the LCDB-E display. Current transforms (CTs) rated from 100 amps to 6000 amps can be used. Note that a 100 amp rated Accu-CT model ACT-0750-100 measures accurately down to below 1 amp.

How to Order

The LCDB-E display requires a custom  configured WattNode Pulse meter with the following Options:

  • CT=xxxx (rated amperage from 100 to 6000 amps)
  • Kh=1000 (watt-hour constant)
  • PW=20 (output pulse width)

For a typical residential application order the following equipment:

  • 1 each WNB-3Y-208-P Opt Kh=1000,CT=100,PW=20 WattNode Pulse meter
  • 2 each ACTL-0750-100 current transformer
  • 1 each LCDB-E energy display

Downloads & Specifications

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