WattNode® BACnet® – Options

The WattNode® BACnet® and WattNode Revenue BACnet meters are available with factory options at an additional charge. See the WattNode BACnet manual (pdf) for more information.

These options apply to the following two families of WattNode meters for the BACnet protocol:

General Options

  • Option CT
    • Option CT=xxx – Pre-assign xxx to CtAmpsA, CtAmpsB, and CtAmpsC.
    • Option CT=xxx/yyy/zzz – Pre-assign xxx to CtAmpsA, yyy to CtAmpsB, and zzz to CtAmpsC.
    Except on Revenue models, these can be field configured or overridden using the CtAmpsA, CtAmpsB, and CtAmpsC objects.
    On WattNode Revenue models, Option CT will automatically be set to match the CTs specified when ordering the meter.

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BACnet is a registered trademark of ASHRAE.