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WattNode Meter Enclosure – Buy


The WattNode Meter Enclosure is a UL 508A Listed, NEMA 4 rated, steel or polycarbonate enclosure for a single meter. It saves installation time and cost for installations where an enclosure is required.

The meter enclosure price does not include the price of the WattNode meter or current transformers. We recommend ordering the enclosure as an accessory when you are ordering the WattNode meter so that we know which WattNode goes with which enclosure. When the enclosure is ordered with a WattNode meter, the meter comes preinstalled.

Meter enclosures are not provided with holes or knockouts, so you will need to drill or punch any required holes.

Our enclosures work with:

WattNode Wide Range
WattNode BACnet
WattNode for LonWorks
WattNode Modbus
WattNode Pulse

Note: Enclosures for WattNode Wide Range meters for use on 347/600V services must be ordered with fuses or no protection. Circuit breaker protection can only be used up to 480V.

CT Info: Steel or Plactic

How to Order Enclosures Without Meters

The UL 508A standard requires that enclosures have certain labels. In order to print these labels, CCS needs to know the part number and serial number of the meter installed in the enclosure. If you are ordering a meter and enclosure at the same time, we have this information.

But if you want to order just an enclosure and install a meter that you already have, please contact Sales and tell them the part number and serial number of the meter to be installed in the enclosure.


  • UL 508A Listed industrial control panel
  • NEMA 3R, 4, 12, and 13 and IEC 60529, IP66 rated
  • Waterproof when used with raintight conduit hubs
  • Size: 10 x 8 x 4 inch (254 x 203 x 102 mm)
  • Material: powder coated 16 gauge steel or polycarbonate
  • Door latch: quarter turn slot or snap latch
  • Mounting: steel external 14 gauge flange or polycarbonate brackets fastened to rear insert
  • Available with circuit breaker, fuses, or no overcurrent protection
  • Standard five-year limited warranty

Sample UL 508A Listed label

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