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Legacy Products List

WNC Series Modbus Meters

The WNC Series WattNode® for Modbus® kilowatt hour (kWh) energy and power meter communicates over an EIA RS-485 network, measures 1, 2, or 3 phases with voltages from 120 to 600 volts Vac and currents from 5 to 6,000 amps in delta (phase to phase) and wye (phase to neutral) configurations.

CTL-1250 Series Current Transformers

Split-Core Current Transformer, Revenue Grade Accuracy, Excellent Linearity, and Low Phase Angle Error.

Window Opening 1.25 Inch, 250 and 400 Rated Amps

LCDA Part Numbers

This table crosses Continental Control Systems’ LCD Display part numbers to the manufacturers’ part number

WattNode Plus for LonWorks – Option BI

If you need a WattNode® meter for LonWorks® that behaves like our old WNB series models with integer outputs (models numbers WNB-xx-xxx-FT10), then you should order a WNC-xx-xxx-FT10 Option BI. The Option BI WattNode meters are very similar to the original WNB series WattNode Plus models, but with a few changes

WNB Series WattNode Plus for LonWorks

The WattNode Plus measures 27 electric power related quantities: power (kW), energy consumption (kWh), voltage, current, power factor (PF), frequency, demand, peak demand and time of peak demand. Individual phase measurements are available for most measurements. In addition, it logs KWH reading at user configured intervals. The LonWorks WattNode Plus communicates over FT10 twisted pair networks and PL22 power-line carrier networks.

WNA Series WattNode for LonWorks

Combines three true RMS instruments in one: watt meter, watt-hour meter and demand meter. Typical applications include energy monitoring, performance verification and sub-metering where accuracy at reasonable cost is essential.

WNA Series WattNode Pulse Output

A true RMS AC watt-hour transducer with pulse output (solid state relay contact closure) proportional to kWh consumed. The WattNode provides accurate measurement at low cost to meet your needs for sub-metering, energy management, and  performance contracting applications.

WNA WattNode Pulse Scale Factors

To convert the count of pulses from a WattNode® Pulse meter into Whs per pulse or pulses per kWh, see the “Scale Factors” tables on page 18 in the manual. WNA WattNode Pulse Manual

WNA Case Dimensions

These are the WattNode® meter enclosure (case) dimensions for all WNA series models: pulse output and LonWorks®.

WattLog for LonWorks

WattNode in a tabular format. WattLog™ is no longer available. For information and support, please call us.