WattNode BACnet Meter Tested at PlugFest

WattNode BACnet Meter Tested at PlugFest 2011 Continental Control Systems, LLC brought its new WattNode® energy and power meter for BACnet® to the International PlugFest 2011 in Atlanta Georgia in November, 2011. In a key developmental milestone, the WattNode BACnet was successfully tested for reliability and compatibility with other BACnet devices. This has been done […]

JACE Platform Integration Demo at Niagara Summit

News:WattNode Meter/JACE Platform Integration Demo at Niagara Summit 2012 2012 A free JAR file download is now available that facilitate the integration WattNode® energy and power meters with Tridium’s JACE® controller/server platform for the Niagara Framework. A real-time demonstration of this powerful tool will be given at the Niagara Summit, April 29 through May 1. […]

Internet Based Wireless kWh Monitoring System Released

Internet Based Wireless kWh Monitoring System Released September 2012 Wireless energy monitoring is now available from Energy Resource Products (ERP). Utilizing the Advanced Pulse WattNode® kWh energy meter and Accu-CT™; revenue-grade current transformer, ERP’s Sentry Online Monitoring System makes real-time monitoring, notification, and reporting accessible from any Internet-connected computer or smartphone. Download: Press Release September […]

Small Box Energy’s Chameleon System Brings Energy Savings to Restaurants

Small Box Energy’s Chameleon System Brings Energy Savings to Restaurants April 2012 Small Box Energy™ has integrated the WattNode® Plus energy meter and the Accu-CT™ revenue-grade current transformers into its comprehensive Chameleon energy management solution used by small box retail stores, convenience stores, and quick service, fast casual, and casual dining restaurants. By optimizing high […]

Accu-CT Released

Accu-CT Released The new Accu-CT series of revenue grade current transformers has been released. These exceptionally high-accuracy, 0.75′ (20mm) opening CTs are available in six full scale current ranges from 5 amps to 250 amps. Meets IEEE/ANSI C57.13 class 1.2 accuracy or optionally class 0.6! IEEE C57.13 accuracy over full temperature range and down to […]

LEED Certification White Paper

LEED Certification White Paper July 2011 Sub-Metering a Hotel for LEED Certification, Energy Systems Measurement and Verification This white paper examines LEED® certification at the Proximity™; Hotel in Greensboro, North Carolina. Special thanks to Dr. Peter Rojeski, Measurement & Verification Services, Dave Adams, Adams Environmental, and the Proximity Hotel, Greensboro, NC. Summary: Sub-Metering a Hotel […]

WattNode Modbus Released

News:WattNode Modbus Released – October 2008 Continental Control Systems specializes in designing and manufacturing the WattNode® AC power and energy meters. Available products include BACnet®, Modbus®, LonWorks® networked, multi-function meters, pulse-output watt-hour transducers, and current transformers. Applications include energy management, building automation, tenant sub-metering, end-use metering, equipment performance monitoring, verification, evaluation, and diagnostics. WattNode Modbus […]