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Diris A-10 Modbus Registers

Modbus registers for the Diris A-10, Modbus registers. (csv file). Product identification Dec start address Hex start address Type Size Lock level Locked fcts Unlocked fcts 50000 0xC350 Info 66 NONE READ READ Dec address Hex address Words count Description Unit Data type 50000 0xC350 4 “SOCO” – STRING_16 50004 0xC354 1 Product order ID […]

UL 2808 Listed CTs and the NEC 2017 Code

Background Until recently, almost all current transformers (CTs) used with electric submeters were certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as UL Recognized Components under the XODW standard, using a subset of the requirements from IEEE C57.13 and CSA 60044-1. The key phrase is “UL Recognized Component”. The UL Recognized status meant the CTs were not approved […]

Winter 2016 Newsletter

Hello and Happy New Year. Thank you to all of you who made this past year such a success for us at Continental Control Systems.We had a fabulous year with new products, new customers, and new applications. The end of year highlights include the passing of the Investment Tax Credit Bill as well as an [...]

Summer 2015 Newsletter

Hello and greetings. First off, I would like to thank you for receiving our newsletter, but since it has been an extended period of Cynthia Boyd Sales time since it has been distributed, I want to call your attention to the OPT OUT option at the bottom of the page, if you are no longer [...]

AHR Expo 2015 To Showcase Next-Generation Accu-CT Current Transformers

AHR Expo 2015 To Showcase Next-Generation Accu-CT Current Transformers At AHR Expo 2015, Continental Control Systems will present the latest additions to its Accu-CT line of split-core current transformers (CTs), which offer unprecedented accuracy, and patented low phase angle technology. The product line’s innovative hinged design is easy to open and close with one hand, […]

SolarEdge Launches Inverters With Revenue-Grade Metering

SolarEdge Launches Single-Phase Inverters With Revenue-Grade Metering Freemont, CA, April 9, 2014 – SolarEdge, a leading provider of power optimizers and PV inverters, is now offering a suite of single-phase inverters with a built-in certified revenue-grade meter. The new single-phase inverters will report revenue-grade data directly to the SolarEdge monitoring portal, eliminating the need for […]

Spring 2014 Newletter

Hello and greetings. I send a quick shout out to all of you who I met recently at the NFMT Expo in Baltimore or at Globalcon in Atlantic City or most recently at the Niagara Summit in Las Vegas. All of these expositions were well attended, I was impressed with both the quantity of attendees [...]

Winter 2014 Newsletter

Hello and greetings. Greetings from the arctic region of Boulder, Colorado and Happy New Year from all of us at Continental Control Systems. I hope that this finds you and yours safe, happy and healthy after an enjoyable holiday season. The first quarter of 2014 promises to be busy as our business level grew steadily [...]

AHR Expo 2014

AHR Expo 2014 At AHR Expo 2014, Continental Control Systems will showcase its entire line of WattNode electric power meters, including the revenue-grade WattNode Revenue line which meets the accuracy requirements of ANSI C12.1, and support Modbus, BACnet, or LonTalk communications protocols or pulse output. Premiering at AHR Expo, the WattNode Revenue Modbus is the […]