WattNode Wide-Range Modbus


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    WND-WR-MB $321.36

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    Certificate of ANSI C12 accuracy with different current transformers.
    • 55 $
    All Power Meters require 1 to 3 CT's to work correctly. For more information, or to choose CT's not listed here. (CT Product Page)
    • 48.88 $
    Sales price of the enclosure option includes the installation of the specified WattNode meter and the overcurrent protection, when specified. Enclosures are not provided with knock-outs (PRODUCT PAGE)
    • 255 $
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The WattNode® Wide-Range Modbus® meter measures bi-directional energy (kWh), power (kW demand), voltage, current, power factor, and 90+ Modbus registers. The Wide-Range meter works on all electrical services from 100 to 600 Vac, single-phase or three-phase, wye or delta. It can be powered line-to-neutral or line-to-line. The meter communicates using Modbus® RTU over an RS-485 network. Meter details page.