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Welcome to the Continental Control Systems’ support pages. This section contains articles to assist with installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and using our WattNode meter and current transformer products. Information on other products, accessories, and services that are sold by other companies that work with WattNode products are also list here.

This page lists approvals and certifications for Continental Control Systems’ metering products.


Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Listings

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UL and cUL Safety Listed: UL 61010-1; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 61010-1-04; IEC 61010-1

  • WattNode Pulse (WNB-xx-xxx-P): E312220
  • WattNode Modbus (WNC-xx-xxx-MB): E312220
  • WattNode Plus for LonWorks (WNC-xx-xxx-FT10): E312220
  • WattNode Logger for LonWorks (WNC-xx-xxx-FT10-L): E312220
  • ACT Series Split-core Current Transformers: E325972
  • CTB Series Split-core Bus-bar Current Transformers: E325972
  • CTM Series Split-core Current Transformers: E325972
  • CTS Series Split-core Current Transformers: E96927
  • CTT Series Solid-core Current Transformers: E96927

Legacy Product UL Listings

  • WattNode Pulse (WNA-xx-xxx-P): E173475
  • WattNode for LonWorks (WNA-xx-xxx-FT10): E173475
  • WattNode for LonWorks (WNB-xx-xxx-FT10): E173475

ANSI C12.1 Electric Meter Revenue Standard

WattNode Revenue models combined with class 0.6 current transformers meet the ANSI C12.1-2008 accuracy requirements. This includes the following part numbers:

  • RWNB-xx-xxx-P
  • RWNC-xx-xxx-BN
  • RWNC-xx-xxx-MB
  • RWNC-xx-xxx-FT10
Where ‘xx-xxx’ indicates the electrical service type and may be one of 3Y-208, 3Y-400, 3Y-480, 3Y-600, 3D-240, 3D-400, or 3D-480.

Furthermore, the following models of WattNode meter and Accu-CT current transformers—when used together—have been certified by MET Laboratories to the C12.1 standard.

  • RWNC-3Y-208-MB
  • RWNC-3Y-480-MB
  • RWNC-3D-240-MB
  • ACT-0750-100 Opt C0.6
  • ACT-0750-200 Opt C0.6



All WattNode meters meet FCC Part 15, Class B; EN 55022: 1994, Class B. Current transformers do not contain oscillators or active circuitry and so are exempt.


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All WattNode meters and current transformer models are RoHS compliant. RoHS Declarations

CE Mark

CE small.png

  • Immunity: EN 61326: 2002 (Industrial Locations)
  • Electrostatic Discharge: EN 61000-4-2: (B) Self-Recovering
  • Radiated RF Immunity: EN 61000-4-3: (A) No Degradation
  • Electrical Fast Transient / Burst: EN 61000-4-4: (B) Self-Recovering
  • Surge Immunity: EN 61000-4-5: (B) Self-Recovering
  • Conducted RF Immunity: EN 61000-4-6: (A) No Degradation
  • Voltage Dips, Interrupts: EN 61000-4-11: (B) Self-Recovering

Declarations of Conformity

LonMark Certification

LonMarkCert3 4.png

WattNode for LonWorks models (Plus and Logger) are LonMark® certified.

  • WattNode Plus for LonWorks (WNC-xx-xxx-FT10): 3.4
Program ID: 8:00022:1500:0A:04:07
  • WattNode Logger for LonWorks (WNC-xx-xxx-FT10-L): 3.4
Program ID: 8:00022:1500:0A:04:0A
  • Note: Option B and Option BI models are not LonMark certified

BACnet Testing Laboratories (BTL)

WattNode BACnet meters with firmware version 1.13 are approved for listing by BTL.


BACnet is a registered trademark of ASHRAE. ASHRAE does not endorse, approve or test products for compliance with ASHRAE standards. Compliance of listed products to requirements of ASHRAE Standard 135 is the responsibility of the BACnet International. BTL is a registered trademark of the BACnet International.

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