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The following is a list of BACnet software that may be useful for testing, configuring, or monitoring the WattNode® BACnet® meter. We have used some, but not all of these programs and are not endorsing any particular programs above others.

  • CAS BACnet Explorer — BACnet software for building automation
  • Cimetrics — BACnet OPC server, Basomatic, etc. Also, their network protocol analyzer B2110c can be used to capture traffic on the network.
  • VTS — Visual Test Shell for Win32, used for visually testing a BACnet implementation. It also includes a detailed network sniffer for BACnet messages, and the ability to send any BACnet services. May be aimed at BACnet/IP products. Free, open source
  • WireShark — Protocol analyzer. See for information on using it
    • To capture traffic on an MSTP network, you will need to either run Karg’s software with an RS485 adapter or use a protocol analyzer from which Wireshark can capture
  • PcVue Scada — free demo mode
  • SCADA engine — BACnet Software for Building Automation
  • BACnet Server — Open source server for testing BACnet clients
  • InneaBACnetExplorer — Free and professional versions. BACnet/IP only