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Welcome to the Continental Control Systems’ support pages. This section contains articles to assist with installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and using our WattNode meter and current transformer products. Information on other products, accessories, and services that are sold by other companies that work with WattNode products are also list here.

The following is a list of BACnet software that may be useful for testing, configuring, or monitoring the WattNode® BACnet® meter. We have used some, but not all of these programs and are not endorsing any particular programs above others.

  • VTS — Visual Test Shell for Win32, used for visually testing a BACnet implementation. It also includes a detailed network sniffer for BACnet messages, and the ability to send any BACnet services. May be aimed at BACnet/IP products. Free, open source
  • PolarSoft — BACnet software solutions, BACtrace, and others
    • BQT — Windows Client Software for BACnet Systems
  • CAS BACnet Explorer — BACnet software for building automation
  • WireShark — Protocol analyzer. See for information on using it
    • To capture traffic on an MSTP network, you will need to either run Karg’s software with an RS485 adapter or use a protocol analyzer from which Wireshark can capture
  • PcVue Scada — free demo mode
  • SCADA engine — BACnet Software for Building Automation
  • Cimetrics — BACnet OPC server, Basomatic, etc. Also, their network protocol analyzer B2110c can be used to capture traffic on the network.
  • BACnet Server — Open source server for testing BACnet clients
  • InneaBACnetExplorer — Free and professional versions. BACnet/IP only
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