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This is Modbus communications debugging software for the PC by Chipkin Automation Systems.

  • Free


  • Handles both Modbus Serial RTU and Modbus TCP.
  • Includes a simple connection setup wizard.
  • Shows registers in multiple data formats (float, 16 and 32 bit integer etc.) at the same time as well as a raw hex dump of slave responses.


  • Debug only. Data and register map configurations can’t be logged or saved to a file.
  • Can’t be configured for displaying 32 bit values that are in Big-Endian word order. However, this is not a problem for WattNode monitoring since the WattNode and CAS Modbus Scanner both use Little-Endian word order.
  • No handshake line control needed for older RS232/RS485 adapters used on legacy PC serial ports that don’t handle RS485 bus driver control automatically.

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