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What software and hardware do you recommend to gather data from the WattNode® Modbus® meter and to configure the CT amps? The best option is to use a product that is “WattNode meter aware” and has built-in support for the WattNode Modbus meter’s register map. Examples are:

    • eZE System, Inc. The standard eZEio Controller is an Internet communications gateway device that connects WattNode Modbus meters to eZEio’s server. In addition to energy logging, the Controller supports analog inputs, control outputs, and email alarms, using only a web browser. Option for GSM cellular radio built-in for locations without a wired Ethernet access.
    • Infinite Automation Systems, Inc., (303) 558-7112, Boulder, CO 80301

Mango Automation is an open source, browser-based software application that enables users to access, control, and display data from sensors, machines, and other networked devices. Works with DGLux energy dashboard development software—Compatible with WattNode BACnet, Modbus, and pulse meters.

  • Obvius has built-in support for WattNode Modbus meters.
  • Logic Beach supports the WattNode Modbus meter with their IntelliLogger™.
  • Contemporary Controls supports WattNode Modbus meters with their BAS Remote.

There are a number of other options.

  • High-end SCADA system; these can cost thousands of dollars and are very powerful.
  • Modbus Poll: Full featured Modbus master software for Windows; support available.
  • Ocean Controls Software: ISee software , graphing, similar to SCADA systems, supports Modbus RS485.
  • Other Modbus Software.

Modbus software for the PC will require an RS-485 adapter. We recommend the following:

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