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Do you sell current transformers with a 0 – 5 VDC output?

We do not. Our CTs generate 0.333 Vac at rated current and we do not sell any CTs with a DC output voltage.

Can we generate this output by combining your CTs with a rectifier circuit?

You could: it would require an active (powered) op-amp circuit to amplify the 0.333 Vac and to accurately rectify and filter the AC voltage. Note that resulting DC output voltage would indicate the peak current rather than True RMS current.

It would probably also require DC power for the op-amp circuitry. It is theoretically possible to use power from the CT to power the circuitry, but this would be a much more challenging design, because there is very little power available when the CT is monitoring low currents; it might also require dual secondary windings: one for the current measurement and one to power the circuitry.

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