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IP-852 (also known as EIA-852 and CEA-852) is an IP protocol developed by Echelon to allow routing LonWorks packets over TCP/IP networks. It is supported by Echelon’s i.LON® products as well as by PCs running LNS and third party products from Loytec and others.


  • MD5 authentication
  • One IP-852 channel can connect multiple FT-10, TP-1250, or other channels together.
  • One channel can contain 256 devices. More channels can be used if more devices need to be connected.


  • – List of standards on LonMark® website.
  • ISO/IEC 14908-4 – IP compatibility (tunneling) technology
  • IP-852 – Another name (commonly used) for the CEA-852 or ISO/IEC 14908-4 standards or the protocol described by these standards.
  • EIA-852 – former name for current CEA-852 standard
  • CEA-852 – protocol standard – this is the same standard that was adopted as ISO/IEC 14908-4.