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KYZ is a type of power meter output traditionally used with rotating meters. See also Pulse Output Relay Equivalents and Kh Watthour Constant.


(based on the Wikipedia article

Historically, rotating meters could report their power information remotely, using a pair of contact closures attached to a KYZ line. In this scheme, line “K” is attached to two single-pole single-throw switches “Y” and “Z”. “Y” and “Z” open and close as the meter’s disk rotates. As the meter rotates in one direction, Y closes, then Z closes, then Y opens, then Z opens. When it rotates in the opposite direction, showing export of power, the sequence reverses. KYZ outputs were historically attached to “totalizer relays” feeding a “totalizer” so that many meters could be read all at once in one place.

  • K = common
  • Y = normally open
  • Z = normally closed


  • CCS does not current offer a KYZ output option, because there has been no demand for this, but the WattNode® Pulse meter could generate KYZ outputs with some firmware changes, particularly if combined with Option SSR.

KY Output

This seems to refer to a two-wire variant of KYZ, where only the K and Y wires are used in a “normally open” configuration. This essentially matches the normal WattNode Pulse meter output, so it is safe to say that the WattNode meter has KY compatible outputs, although only if the logger voltage and current ratings are compatible with the pulse outputs electrically.