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This article discusses the LCD resolution when measuring power with the Durant Ratemeter LCDA-P or LCDA-EP.

Display Resolution
The power resolution depends on the number of active digits shown on the display. In other words, if the least significant active digit displays 10’s of watts, then the display resolution is 10 watts.
LCD Resolution
The power resolution due to limitations of the LCDA display, which cause steps or oscillations greater than one count.

LCDA Calculator

When configuring an LCDA, the LCD Calculator either selects the resolution automatically (if there is only one good choice), or provides the user with a list of two or more resolutions to choose from. This sets the basic display resolution (typically 10W or 100W). The selected value appears on the Power tab in the Display Resolution column. Note: the LCDA can be configured to display a fixed zero in the rightmost position – since this is fixed at zero, this digit does not increase the resolution. In practice, the effective resolution is lower, because the LCDA doesn’t always step by one display count and sometimes fluctuates between two values separated by more than one count.