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Product Discontinued
Information is for legacy purposes

Note: costs valid on 13 May 2012.

  • Sanyo CR17335SE—1800 mAh capacity $9.32 each Mouser p/n [639-CR17335-SE]
  • Panasonic CR123A—1550 mAh capacity $2.35 each Digi-Key p/n [P151-ND]
  • Panasonic BR-2/3AG—1450 mAh capacity $5.35 each Digi-Key p/n [P361-ND]
  • Retail stores such as a Wallgreens, RadioShack, and other stores that sell camera batteries have suitable replacements.

Original Battery Specification

The battery supplied with the LCD displays is a Fuji-FDK lithium manganese dioxide battery part number CR2/3 8.L, with the following specifications:

Nominal Voltage—3.0 Vdc Rated Capacity—2000m Ah to 2.0V at 20C Operating Temperature Range—20C to 60C Length—33.5 mm Diameter—17.0 mm Life expectancy—4 years +