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If you are using a WattNode® for LonWorks® meter (Logger or Plus models), CCS offers a free LNS plug-in for browsing the data and basic configuration. The plug-in is also the recommended method for retrieving log data from the meter. This is a free download (below) that integrates with LNS tools like Echelon’s LonMaker® and other LNS tools. For more information, read the LNS Plug-In Manual (pdf).

  • Note: The Tridium Niagara AX JACE does not typically support plug-ins. The WattNode® Logger for LonWorks needs the LNS plug-in to retrieve logged data, so the logging feature will not work on a Tridium system. For more information see the LNS Plug-in and Tridium Niagara article.



  • The current version is 1.11, released 2011-11-23.
  • See LNS Plug-in Versions for a full list of versions and changes.

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