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I am using the Tridium Niagara AX platform with the WattNode for LonWorks.

  • Do I need LonMaker to configure the WattNode?
  • Can I use the LNS plug-in?

WattNode for  LonWorks models, such as the WNC-3Y-208-FT10 work fine with Niagara AX without using LonMaker. Use the ‘Discover’ button to find and install WattNode meters. All the SNVTs will be automatically discovered from the WattNode self-documentation.

Using Niagara, you can adjust nciCtAmps, nciDemPerMins, and nciDemSubints because they appear as SNVTs. You will not be able to adjust nciLocation or nciMaxSendT, but most customers do not need these. If you do need to adjust nciLocation or nciMaxSendT, then you will need to use LonMaker or an equivalent tool.

The LNS plug-in will not work on the JACE, because Niagara AX does not use LNS and the plug-in only works with LNS applications. If you install and use LonMaker, then you can use the plug-in, but there shouldn’t be any need for the plug-in, because Niagara AX will allow you to view, record, and configure the WattNode.

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