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Symptom: Reported energy readings are exactly ten times too high for network variables like nvoEnergySum, nvoEnergyA, and others.

Cause: The LonTalk® standard network variable type for energy SNVT_elec_kwh_l, uses units of tenths of a kilowatt-hour (0.1 kWh). All LonWorks tools should automatically scale this correctly, so that if the raw value is 3456, the tool should display 345.6 kWh. However, not all tools correctly handle this. This applies to WattNode® for LonWorks® Plus and Logger models in our WNC series (the model number starts with WNC). It does not apply to Option B or Option BI versions.

Fix: Divide the reported measurement by 10 (or multiply by 0.1).

Notes: SNVT_elec_kwh_l is a 32 bit signed integer value. Some (not all) WattNode meter energy network variables can report positive and negative energy values (see the manual for details). SNVT_elec_kwh_l can theoretically report energy values up to ±214,748,364 kWh, but for simplicity, WattNode meters roll over to zero at ±100,000,000 kWh (±100 gigawatt-hours).

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