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Our WattNode® for LonWorks® meters require LonMark® resource files for correct operation. These resource files define the functional profiles, custom configuration property types, language strings, and other information. This allows LNS® systems to take advantage of all the features of the WattNode meter.

There are four files included in a zip archive:

  • CControlSys.ENU – language strings
  • CControlSys.FMT – network variable and configuration property display formats
  • CControlSys.FPT – functional profiles
  • CControlSys.TYP – network variable and configuration property types

These can be downloaded using the following link:

For installation instructions, see:


  • The older WNB series LonWorks meters did not require resource files and the current Option B and Option BI version also do not require resource files.
  • It is generally possible to use the WattNode meter without installing the resource files, but it may be more difficult or impossible to configure certain settings, such as the update rate for bound network variables.


Versions 1.00 to 1.03

Internal development versions.

  • Used with WattNode Plus firmware version 3.30.
  • Several updates for LonMark certification.
  • Release Date: not publicly released

Version 1.04

Initial production release.

Version 1.05

Added UCPTptRatio to support Option PT models. This new configuration property is used to configure a potential transformer (PT) ratio. This resource file version is compatible with all WattNode for LonWorks firmware versions.

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