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This case study, published by CAS DataLoggers, describes an industrial energy monitoring project using WattNode Modbus meters connected to a DT80 data logger.


CAS DataLoggers, Inc. recently provided the power monitoring solution for a large concrete manufacturing plant that needed to monitor power consumption. The concrete plant installed a dataTaker DT80 Intelligent Universal Input Data Logger in its utility room as the central monitoring point. The data logger was then connected to 12 Continental Control Systems WattNode Modbus energy and power meters which had a small form factor for easy installation inside the distribution panel for the different pieces of equipment. These multifunction power monitoring devices communicated on a multi-drop EIA RS-485 network to measure voltages and current from the different pieces of equipment. The WattNode devices handled energy and demand metering as well as individual phase measurements including voltage, current, power factor, reactive power and energy, demand and peak demand, and line frequency.

Download the full publication: Power Metering with a DT80 Using WattNode Transducers (pdf)

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