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Some of the WattNode® for LonWorks® models use the nviLogRequest register to reset the peak demand reading and the peak demand timestamp:

  • WNB-xx-xxx-FT10 – Note, the WNB series models are no longer in production
  • WNC-xx-xxx-FT10 Option B
  • WNC-xx-xxx-FT10 Option BI

Note: the “xx-xxx” is the voltage model. For example: “3Y-208”.

To reset the peak demand and timestamp, write “3” to nviLogRequest. The WNC series models will automatically set nviLogRequest back to zero after processing the request.

The older WNB series models will not set nviLogRequest back to zero, so you should manually set it back to zero after the peak demand reset completes. We recommend waiting at least 500 milliseconds (one-half second) before writing “0” to nviLogRequest.