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A list of the WattNode Modbus register numbers, their names, units of measure, and description are given in the following:

Most users will only need a small subset of the available registers. Some registers, such as the power line frequency and the meter’s serial number will read correctly with out any setup. Note that the CtAmps register (1603) must be setup by writing the rated amperage of the current transformers (CTs) being used to this register before the current, power, and energy readings will be meaningful. If different rating CTs are used on different phases, write the individual amp ratings to the CtAmpsA, CtAmpsB and CtAmpsC registers (1604, 1605, and 1606). The PhaseOffset register (1619) default value is set to 120° for a three-phase electrical service. If the meter is used on a single-phase three-wire service the register value must be changed to 180° before the line-to-line voltages will read correctly. For other types of electrical services refer to the PhaseOffset description in the Operating Instructions section of the manual.