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Operating Voltage Ranges and Power Supply

WattNode® electric meters are available in seven different voltage range models. Each model handles different electrical service types and voltages, so you must be sure to choose a WattNode model that matches the service voltages you are measuring. All current WattNode models have either “3D” or “3Y” in the model number. This determines if the meter is powered line-to-line (3D) or line-to-neutral (3Y). WattNode meters are powered from the same line voltage connections (green screw terminal block) that sense the line voltage for power measurements. All models can measures single-phase or three-phase electrical systems using 1, 2, or 3 current transformers (CTs). See the Electrical Service Types and Voltages page for information on different types of services. The power supply voltage range is typically -20% to +15% of the nominal voltage (see table below). For 3D-240 meters, this is -20% of 208 Vac (166 Vac) to +15% of 240 Vac (276 Vac). The following table lists the different WattNode models, the nominal line-to-neutral and line-to-line voltage, the operating voltage range of their power supplies (in practice, WattNode meters will operate somewhat below the rated minimum voltage), the power supply voltage input terminals, and the maximum power draw of the meter.

WattNode Model Nominal Vac Line-to-Neutral Nominal Vac Line-to-Line Power Supply Operating Range Power Supply Terminals WattNode Power
WNx-3Y-208-xxx 120 Vac 208-240 Vac 96 to 138 Vac ØA, N 3 W
WNx-3Y-400-xxx 230 Vac 400 Vac 184 to 264 Vac ØA, N 3 W
WNx-3Y-480-xxx 277 Vac 480 Vac 221 to 318 Vac ØA, N 4 W
WNx-3Y-600-xxx 347 Vac 600 Vac 278 to 399 Vac ØA, N 3 W
WNx-3D-240-xxx n/a 208-240 Vac 166 to 276 Vac ØA, ØB 4 W
WNx-3D-400-xxx n/a 400 Vac 320 to 460 Vac ØA, ØB 3 W
WNx-3D-480-xxx n/a 480 Vac 384 to 552 Vac ØA, ØB 4 W
  • Note: WNx may be WNB or WNC
  • Note: -xxx may be -BN, -MB, -P, -FT10, -FT10-L
  • Note: We do not currently offer 3D-600 models, for use on 600 Vac line-to-line delta applications. We do offer 3Y-600 models, which can be used if neutral is present. Another option is to use the model WND-WR-MB or WND-M1-MB.

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