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Typical Installation

The illustration below shows a typical installation of a WattNode BACnet meter measuring three phases and connected to a BACnet network.


Necessary Installation Items:

  • WattNode BACnet
  • Current Transformers: Typically one current transformer is required for each phase you are measuring. See Application Notes for non-standard configurations.
  • BACnet network devices and software

Miscellaneous Installation Items:

  • Mounting: Screws (#8 metal screws recommended) or Velcro
  • Circuit Protection: One of the following
  • Line Voltage Wire (For the voltage inputs): 12-14 AWG (stranded recommended), THWN, THHN, MTW, or AWM.
  • BACnet RS-485 Communication Cable: 16-22 AWG (solid or stranded), twisted, and shielded.