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Recommended WattNode® and CT Calibration Intervals

  • For optimum performance, CCS recommends that the accuracy of WattNode meters should be verified every eight years. WattNode meters that are operated in a severe environment—outdoors, high humidity, temperature extremes—should be verified every four years.
  • Standard current transformers should never need recalibration, but can be verified on the same schedule as the WattNode if desired.
  • Revenue-grade current transformers (Opt C0.6) have a recommended recalibration interval of 16 years.
  • Continental Control Systems uses a fully automated calibration system, which records detailed calibration information on each WattNode meter we make!

For details on calibration recommendations for WattNode meters and current transformers (CTs):

NIST Traceable Calibration Certification

  • Traceability means that the calibration standards that CCS uses to manufacture our products are periodically tested against a primary or transfer calibration standard that is traceable to a national standards organization. All WattNode meters are calibrated using standards traceable to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and/or Euromet members (U.K. NPL, etc.).
  • Note that the use of NIST traceable calibration standards is not the same as a NIST accredited calibration performed by a laboratory with NVLAP accreditation (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program). CCS does not offer NIST accredited calibration services.
  • WattNode Meters: all models are calibrated with NIST traceable (or equivalent) standards.
  • Accu-CT Current Transformers: all models are calibrated with NIST traceable (or equivalent) standards.

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