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For the WattNode® for LonWorks® model, what are the key  features?

The original WNA series WattNode for LonWorks meters only reported power, energy, and demand. The Plus models were introduced with the WNB series and continued with the current WNC series of WattNode for LonWorks meters. The WNC series models provide many more measurements, such as individual phase readings, voltage, current, power factor, and reactive power.

What is the difference between the WattNode for LonWorks and the Logger version?

The WattNode for LonWorks Logger models contains the same network variables as the standard model. Additionally, the Logger model contains non-volatile data storage and a real-time clock. It stores all measurements to flash memory at a configurable interval from one minute to 12 hours. The data log stores 24,186 records; at the default 15 minute log interval, this provides more than eight months of storage. A highly accurate clock with battery backup is used to maintain accurate date and time through power failures.

The WattNode Plug-in for LNS is required to download the logged data and convert it to a comma separated CSV format, which can be used with Excel® and other programs.