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Option TCP-RTU

Prior versions of the WattNode Modbus meters supported the Modbus TCP protocol over the RS-485 interface, but this was non-standard and was removed from the firmware.

ModbusMode (1655)

● 0 – RTU – This is the default Modbus RTU binary protocol


  • The WND series Modbus RS-485 RTU meters with no communication options defaults to no parity, eight data bits, and one stop bit (N81).
  • Setting all the DIP switches to the OFF (0) position for ten seconds will reset all communications settings to the settings as shipped from the factory. So if you cannot communicate with a meter and suspect that the a communication setting has been changed in software, you can set all the DIP switches to zero for ten seconds, then change the DIP switches to assign a valid address and baud rate. Then try communicating with the meter.

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