Support Center

Welcome to the Continental Control Systems’ support pages. This section contains articles to assist with installing, configuring, troubleshooting, and using our WattNode meter and current transformer products. Information on other products, accessories, and services that are sold by other companies that work with WattNode products are also list here.

Typical Installation

The illustration below shows a typical installation of a WattNode® Plus for LonWorks® meter measuring three phases and connected to a LonWorks network. Wattnode plus lonworks three Phase Panel.png

Necessary Installation Items:

Miscellaneous Installation Items:

  • Mounting: Screws (#8 sheet metal screws recommended) or Velcro
  • Circuit Protection: One of the following
  • Line Voltage Wire (For the voltage inputs): 12-14 AWG (stranded recommended), THWN, THHN, MTW, or AWM.
  • Pulse Output Cable: 16-22 AWG (solid or stranded), twisted, optionally shielded.
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