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Two Single-Phase And One Sum of Phases

See MS-18-WNB-Pulse-Option-2N1.pdf for a detailed explanation.


Option 2N1 specifies two single-phase outputs and one sum-of-phases output. Specifically, the pulse output channels P1, P2, and P3 report the following:

  • P1 – Phase A positive real energy
  • P2 – Phase B positive real energy
  • P3 – Positive real energy (sum of all phases: A, B, and C)

The primary application for this model is in cases where you might be monitoring two single-phase branch circuits or one multi-phase (two or three) circuit, but you aren’t sure of the mixture of single-phase to multi-phase circuits and don’t want to have to pre-order some regular Pulse WattNode models and some with Option P3. With Option 2N1, one WattNode Pulse model can be used for monitoring either two single-phase circuits or one multi-phase circuit, simplifying ordering, stocking, and installation.


As with other Pulse WattNode models and options, each monitoring phase can be connected to the same or different mains phases. For example, you might connect phase A to L1 and phase B to L2. Or, you might connect phase A, B, and C to L1 to monitor three different branches all powered from L1. The only requirement is that all three phases have the same nominal line-to-neutral voltage and that you make sure to match the current transformer (CT) monitored phases to the mains phases (i.e. don’t connect phase A to L1, but then put the CT around an L2 conductor or vice versa).


This option is intended for use with wye models of the WattNode meter (those containing “-3Y” in the model number).

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