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Prior to July 7 2017, WattNode® Revenue meters (BACnet®, Modbus®, and LonWorks®), were shipped with all configuration settings that could affect readings locked to ensure accuracy.

After July 7 2017, revenue meters are only locked if you order Option L. Meters can also be locked manually using the configuration passcode (ConfigPasscode). The configuration passcode factory default is value is 0 (no passcode) which allows all of the protected configuration variables settings to be changed.


The following configuration variables can be locked at the factory by ordering WattNode Revenue models with Option L. Meters ordered with Option L cannot be changed in the field. Not all meter models have all of these settings. The WattNode Revenue Pulse meter has no field adjustable settings.

  • CtAmps (on some models, this includes CtAmpsA, CtAmpsB, and CtAmpsC).
  • GainAdjustA, GainAdjustB, and GainAdjustC
  • PhaseAdjustA, PhaseAdjustB, and PhaseAdjustC
  • CreepLimit
  • PtRatio (BACnet and LonWorks models
  • InvertCtA, InvertCtB, and InvertCtC
  • CtDirections