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Can I individually zero the per-phase energy registers EnergyA, EnergyB, and EnergyC on the WattNode Modbus?

Unfortunately, we only support zeroing all energy registers simultaneously using the ZeroEnergy register.

An alternative is to compute difference data for each per-phase register. In other words, to track EnergyA for some period of time, at the start of that time interval, record the EnergyA value. Then subtract that recorded value from new EnergyA readings to simulate zeroing EnergyA.


Time EnergyA Offset Difference Data Notes
05:30 318.9 kWh 0.0 kWh 318.9 kWh First interval
05:45 331.3 kWh 0.0 kWh 331.3 kWh First interval
06:00 345.5 kWh 345.5 kWh 0.0 kWh Start of second interval
06:15 359.0 kWh 345.5 kWh 13.5 kWh Second interval
06:30 371.2 kWh 345.5 kWh 25.7 kWh Second interval
06:45 385.3 kWh 345.5 kWh 39.8 kWh
  • Note: the ending energy for the first interval can be stored just before loading the new offset value.