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The Accu-CT® ACTL Series Split-Core Current Transformers family of current transformers (CTs) have occasional design updates as documented below.

Revision 1

This is the initial release version of Accu-CT, introduced in January, 2012.

Revision 2

Release Date: 2012-08-20

  • Updated the Maximum Amps printed on the labels and documented on the website to reflect the maximum continuous amps each model can handle without degraded accuracy or damage. Previously the maximum amps indicated the maximum continuous amps each model could handle while meeting UL safety requirements. See ACTL-0750 Maximum Amps for an explanation of maximum amps.
  • Increased the power rating of an internal resistor for models with rated amps of 150, 200, and 250.
  • Updated component values for the ACTL-0750-250 for improved margin from saturation under high current, high temperature operation.
  • Updated component values and the turns ratio for the ACTL-0750-005 Opt 50Hz for reduced phase angle variation from -30°C to +55°C.

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