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Advanced Options

The Accu-CT advanced options are generally not needed when ordering the Accu-CT for use with a WattNode® meter, but may be useful for other applications. See the ACTL-1250 Main Page for information on the more common options.

Opt 1V

1.000 Vac full-scale output voltage. Check with CCS for accuracy specifications for Option 1V models. This option is available on ACTL Series revenue-grade (option C0.6) CTs (250A, 400A and 600A) for an additional 15%. The one volt output is NOT compatible with WattNode meters.

Opt HF

This option improves the high frequency performance by eliminating the phase angle compensation capacitance.

  • Very flat frequency response up to 10 kHz.
  • Nominal phase angle error increases to approximately 0.75 degrees. The phase angle curve remains very flat from 1% to 120% of rated primary current.
  • Due to the increased phase angle error, this option no longer meets IEEE C57.13 accuracy requirements.

Opt 100 mA

This option is only available on the ACTL-1250-600 CT.

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