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Can I apply Option B or Option BI with a field firmware upgrade?

You have ordered a regular WattNode® Plus for LonWorks® (model number WNC-xx-xxx-FT10) and realize that you need Option B or Option BI and would like to do a field upgrade. Unfortunately, this isn’t currently possible, because the calibration data will be lost and the WattNode meter will not function without a valid calibration. This occurs because the Option B and BI firmware is based on the old WNB-xx-xxx-FT10 family of WattNode meters, which uses different calibration data structures and values than the new WNC family devices.


You will have to return the meter for a firmware update and recalibration.

Can I convert between Option B and Option BI with a field firmware upgrade?

You could convert the firmware from Option B to Option BI or vice versa, but the calibration will revert to default values, which will be highly inaccurate. Therefore, we recommend returning these to the factory if you need to convert options.


It is possible to field upgrade the firmware version without wiping out the calibration so long as you are not changing the model or options. For example, if you have a WNC-3Y-208-FT10 Option B with firmware version 3.02 and you wish to upgrade to 3.03 (see link below), you can do this using LonMaker® or an equivalent LNS® based network management tool. These tools provide a “Load” command to load new firmware.

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