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Kh or Kh is referred to as the watt-hour constant and equals the number of watt-hours for one turn of a electromechanical meter, or one pulse period for electronic meters, like the WattNode® Pulse meter. For example, if the WattNode meter generates one pulse every 1.2 kilowatt hours, then Kh = 1200 watt-hours / pulse.


Example #1

  • You want 1000 pulses per kilowatt-hour. This equals one watt-hour per pulse.
  • CT=100 (CT rated amps)
  • Kh=1 (one pulse per watt-hour)
  • WNB-3Y-208-P Opt Kh=1,CT=100

Example #2

  • You want 1 pulse per kilowatt-hour. This equals 1000 watt-hours per pulse.
  • CT=400 (CT rated amps)
  • Kh=1000 (1000 watt-hours per pulse)
  • WNB-3Y-208-P Opt Kh=1000,CT=400

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