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Option DPO for the WattNode® Pulse meter adds an extra pulse output channel for positive real energy on the P3 output. This allows the WattNode Pulse meter to be easily connected to two different devices, such as a display and a data logger. Option DPO has the following the pulse output channels:

  • P1 – Positive real energy (sum of all phases).
  • P2 – Negative real energy (sum of all phases).
  • P3 – Positive real energy (sum of all phases).

The P1 and P2 outputs are exactly the same as the standard bidirectional pulse WattNode meter. The P3 output is generally the same as the P1 output unless you order a custom full-scale pulse frequency for the P3 pulse channel.

For details, see MS-11-WNB-Pulse-Option-DPO.pdf.

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