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With Option PV, a single WNB-3Y-208-P Advanced Pulse WattNode® meter can measure the net energy consumption or generation of a house with solar panels or wind generators, AND the energy being generated by the solar panels or wind generators. The WattNode pulse meter with Option PV provides three pulse output streams:

  • P1 – The energy the house takes from the grid.
  • P2 – The energy the house puts onto the grid (generated energy). If you have a net utility meter, this energy would cause the meter to “spin backwards”. This happens when you are generating more energy than the house is consuming.
  • P3 – The energy generated by the PV or wind generator.

In order to do this, a three-phase WattNode is used, with two of the phases configured to measure the house energy flow (positive or negative). The third phase is used to measure the energy generated by the solar or wind generation equipment (positive only).

For details, see Manual Supplement MS-10 – Option PV

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