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This page summarizes the change in the objects and properties between firmware version 1.04 (and 1.04A) and the new 1.10, 1.12, and 1.13 firmware versions.

If you are upgrading from 1.04 to 1.10, 1.12 or 1.13, be sure to rediscover the objects, to update the affected objects, or to update any templates you are using!

Change List

  • Device Object
    • Added Last_Restart_Reason property.
  • Analog Input Objects
    • No changes
  • Analog Value Objects
    • Renamed CalPasscode to Calibrate. This is a factory object used for calibration.
  • Added the following RS-485 error count objects.
    • Rs485CollisionCount (Analog Value:26)
    • Rs485FramingErrorCount (Analog Value:27)
    • FrameSizeErrorCount (Analog Value:28)
    • HeaderCRCErrorCount (Analog Value:29)
    • DataCRCErrorCount (Analog Value:30)
    • IncompleteFrameCount (Analog Value:31)
    • Rs485BreakCount (Analog Value:32)
    • BadByteCount (Analog Value:33)
    • LostTokenCount (Analog Value:34)
  • Binary Value Objects
    • Deleted the RecallDefaults object (was Binary Value:5)
    • Changed the object number for Wink to Binary Value:5 (it was Binary Value:6)
  • Multi-state Value Objects
    • Deleted the BaudRate object (was Multi-state Value:0)
    • Deleted the PasscodeEnabled object (was Multi-state Value:1)
    • Changed the object number for PhaseOffset to Multi-state Value:0 (it was Multi-state Value:2)
    • Changed the object number for Averaging to Multi-state Value:1 (it was Multi-state Value:3)
    • Changed the object number for ZeroDemand to Multi-state Value:2 (it was Multi-state Value:4)

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