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This article lists some of the available Windows® Modbus® software used by programmers for configuring and monitoring Modbus devices, including the WattNode® Modbus. Continental Control Systems does not endorse any of these companies. Continental Control Systems does sell any software products. Please contact the manufacturer directly for information on their various versions and pricing.

  • Modbus Poll: Full featured Modbus master; support available from Witte Software. For notes on using Modbus Poll with the WattNode, see Modbus Poll Notes
  • Modscan32: General purpose Modbus monitoring software
  • Simply Modbus: General purpose Modbus monitoring software
  • PortMon: Windows serial communication monitoring software – debug only, not for general purpose use
  • PvBrowser: Open source with graphing; supports many protocols in addition to Modbus TCP. Has a code generator for creating servers. By Lehrig Software Engineering.
  • CAS Modbus Scanner: Free, debug only, supports both Serial RTU and Modbus TCP by Chipkin Automation Systems
  • EZ Data Logger: Free PC based data logging, control, and monitoring software for systems by ICP DAS USA
  • Modbus Tester (Serial Port Monitor): Windows Modbus diagnostic software with standard and pro versions by Electronic Team, Inc

Modbus protocol stack

Support for software developers writing code for Modbus devices: